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We are a kennel based in Texas that breeds XL Blue Bullies as well as American Bully Pocket style bullies. Our XL's range from an average of 19-21 inches tall for females and 19-23 inches tall for males. Our pockets range from 14-16 inches tall on average. If youre wanting to step up your breeding program, have a nice family pet, or just have one of the biggest and baddest bullies on the block, you've come to the right place. Our bloodlines on the XL's consist of XB, Greyline, Butthead, Gotti, GK and some Dela Cruz. With names like Comet, Icon, Shamrock, Stackhouse, Inmate, Supreme and Mac 10... How can we go wrong. For our pockets we run mostly Daxline, Phenom and Miagi bloods in our yard.

We are now Implementing PennHIP testing on our dogs as well. Stay tuned for results from our other dogs. DCBs Icehouse has already been done and tested AWESOME.

We have 100% customer satisfaction with previous customers and we go out of our way to make sure the customer is happy. We sell our pups mostly to families that the pups will never be bred but we do of course sell to breeders. We occasionally re-home pups that will be fixed that do not meet our breeding standards. You will see a noticeable difference in our customer service compared to other breeders because we LOVE it... and we dont make out living off breeding. This is our HOBBY :) PLEASE feel free to ask around about our reputations.

***** DON'T GET SCAMMED... ASK  AROUND BEFORE  YOU BUY***** There are LOTS of Photoshopped dogs out there!!

If you have any questions, feel free to look around the site and call, text or email.

Mike 1-850-896-0254

WE now accept payments by Cash Square

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We have this AMAZING 11 month old 3x DAX Chocolate Pied Tri boy for sale off our boy DETOX. We have too many males and need to sell 1. He is not cheap but his producing power will be 2nd to none. QUALITY is PRICELESS.

DCBs ICEHOUSE    For sale for $4000 + shipping

He is now PennHIP Certified and health tested that his hips are GREAT

Keep an eye out for our new PRODUCTION off the Daxlines Brando x PSB Honey of DCB Litter...
Introducing DCBs REHAB aka STOUT.
He's just 6 months  old here in this pic and will no doubt be one of our top studs. He is super short, compact and has a full tail and straight bite... unlike alot of kennels out there.
Is he for sale??? YESSS... but only if you have VERY deep pockets.

He's 4x DAX with Primo, Phenom and Miagi all in his ped. Show me a better ped with a pup that looks as good with no faults??
Here is his ped link HERE

Here is Rehab at 6 months old update

Here is DCBs BOMBAY aka Baby (Rehabs littermate sis) at 6 month old updates.

NEWWWW Breeding AND pups on the Breedings and PUPS page

Some 3 weeks old pups off Detox x Memphis

One of our new up and coming studs produced right here at DCB is DCBs REHAB aka STOUT He's only 11 weeks in these pics but staying super short, boned up with a mugg and headpiece to die for. Keep an eye out for updates on this boy off Daxlines Brando x PSBs Honey... he's also 4x DAX

Congrats to Atlanta Falcons player Joplo Bartu on his new DCB male off Diesel x Sway

We LOVE repeat customers and Joplo came back to us for another pup and with the help of a collab with EKG Kennels... we provided him with another great pup... Here is an updated pic of both.

Dry County Bullies has and raises FAMILY dogs :)



Dry County Bullies.... Home of Diesel... the monster 143 lbs, 27.5 inch head BEAST

Magazine articles and covers for DCB

Check out our Breedings page and Pups page for most current breedings happening


A few of our MANY Happy Customers with their DCB pups as well as some updated productions :)


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